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Feb 2, 2013 12:45pm EST
person from a vatican be proud of. on my last appearance is preceded by decline. but parents before you tonight region my parents has been preceded by growth. we are emerging from the worst economic crisis of regeneration. the remains unacceptably high, our unemployment rate is lower than it has been in over three years. it is falling faster than almost every other states in the nation. state revenues are growing again. our economy is growing again. the last 24 months of nevada businesses have created almost 30,000 new jobs. last year said been a success story. it is undeniably on track. tonight i can confidently report to the people of nevada that the state of our state grows stronger every day. now stand at the threshold of another legislative session fell shape the future of our great state. we must make some immediate decisions and of the present issues of the day. a challenge is helping nevada that is still on the horizon kicked the system in the future, not too far up a far enough that we must consider what we can be. these of the children's faces to see on the screens behind me.
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1